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Engine Rebuilding Work focuses on ensuring engines are brought back to tip top condition from modern car and commercial diesel and pertrol engines to cherrished classic engines. All engines are fully inspected at each stage of repair from the smallest job to fully remanufactured units inaccordance with British Standard AU257 2002

Car Engine Services

  • strip and inspection of engine
  • short engine rebuild
  • supply of engine parts
  • rebuilding of complete engine
  • supply of remanufactured engines
  • cold metal stitching repairs of cracked castings
  • collection of vehicle removal and refitting of engine
  • Finance for replacement engine

Commercial and Industrial Engine Services

    • short engine rebuild
    • supply of engine parts 
    • lining and reboring of cylinders onsite
    • rebuilding of complete engine
    • cold metal stitching repairs of cracked castings
    • diesel injection pump overhauls
    • contract maintenace and supply



Lockstitch remanufactures a wide range of engine makes, both petrol and diesel, including Audi, Citroën, Ford, Renault, Fiat, Iveco, Isuzu, Mazda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Rover, MG, LDV, Mercedes, Nissan, Seat, Suzuki, Vauxhall, Volkswagen and Volvo.Engine parts undergo the following:- 
Camshafts are either replaced with a new unit, or re-profiled to their original valve timing and lift specifications.

Cylinder heads
are thoroughly cleaned using an ultra high-pressure and environmentally friendly wash system, then blasted by a special process that utilises crushed olive stones to remove all carbon deposits. The heads are checked for distortion and thickness and either restored to their original specification or scrapped, then inspected for cracks and the camshaft bores measured for size, ovality, taper and alignment. The valves are examined for damage, head thickness, and stem wear, then machined or replaced as necessary; valve guides are measured for wear and either re-sized or renewed to original tolerances; valve seats are machined to retain the correct angles, widths, heights and seating concentric to the centre line of the valve guide bore; and valve springs are tested for squareness, free height and compressed load length. When each head is machined, particular attention is paid to maintaining the correct surface finish specified by the gasket manufacturer.

are polished after grinding to achieve the exact dimensions and surface finish required; diesel cranks are electro-magnetically crack tested; sealing diameters and nose ends are measured and reclaimed if necessary; blended radii, thrust wear and alignment are checked; and all oil galleries are de-burred and thoroughly cleaned.

Cylinder blocks
are re-bored or re-sleeved, and honed to regain the precise surface finish and cross-hatch required; main housings are measured for size, ovality, taper and alignment, and machined as required; and particular attention is paid to the surface finish and deck height when each head is re-faced.

are checked for alignment and weight-graded into engine sets; housings are measured for size, ovality and taper, and non-conforming items machined; and small-end bushes are renewed.

Pressure Relief Valves
are dismantled and cleaned; the clearance between the rotor and body is measured; and all non-conforming parts are replaced.

Components are selected for their durability and reliability and are sourced extensively from the same component manufacturers who supply the vehicle manufacturers. All engines are fitted with new pistons, piston pins, piston rings, main and con-rod bearings, small-end bushes, timing chain/belt, gaskets, oil seals, core plugs and oil filters. Diesel pumps and injectors are remanufactured by a diesel injection specialist.