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Phone: 01706 523923 | sales@lockstitchuk.co.uk

We offer a wide variety of services ranging from simple pressure test and skim to undertaking the complete job of cylinder head repair of the vehicle!

Cylinder Services

    We offer a full machining service for all cylinder heads, i.e. crack pressure testing and skimming, valve and valve seat cutting.  All repairs are carried out in accordance with  British Standard AU257 2002

    Specialist in removal of seized injectors and glow plugs!!

    Standard Repair/Exchange Service

    We can arrange for the collection of your cylinder head for inspection and repair to fully working condition - THE MOST ECONOMICAL WAY usually half the cost of an exchange.  Or we can supply an exchange cylinder head from our stock.  You are the customer and we let you make the best decision for you!  

    Special Repair Service

    With over 30 years experience in welding and cold metal stitching we are able to offer a special repair service for cast iron and aluminium cylinder heads which are found to be cracked or corroded. If you have difficulty locating an exchange unit for your vehicle this reconditioning service is ideal. We can organise our courier to collect your unit so we can diagnose the problem and repair or recondition as appropriate. All repair work is carried out in-house, using the latest machinery and is re-engineered to the highest quality and comes with a 12 month warranty.

    Unleaded & Gas Conversions

    We offer a conversion service for cylinder heads originally designed for leaded fuel to run on unleaded fuel. By using the finest quality valve seat inserts and the latest machining techniques we can ensure a service which is reliable and cost effective to incorporate the latest legislation concerning leaded/unleaded fuel.

Technical Assistance

With many years experience in reconditioning cylinder heads, our technical team are more than happy to help with any information or queries you may have. Our factory opening hours are between 8.00am-17.30pm week days and Saturday from 8.00am-12.00pm. To email our sales/technical department click on the email link on the contact us page.